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ABOUT Our Team

Our team of psychotherapists and social workers is is well equipped to help you manage life's challenges. Our practice offers a full range of outpatient services, including individual psychotherapy, couples and family therapy, group psychotherapy, and medication management.

We all work hard to bring our collaborative energy into our work with our patients as we help them find positivity in their lives.

Our Therapists

Marci Korwin, Ph.D.


Marci Korwin, Ph.D. is a partner at Psychological Health Associate with 34 years treating adults in both the Danbury and the Hartford areas. Read more.   

Andy Magin, Ph.D.


Andy Magin, Ph.D.  is a partner at Psychological Health Associates and has over 35 years of clinical experience. Read more.   

Karen Benjamin, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Karen Benjamin, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker who graduated from the Smith College School for Social Work in Northampton, MA. Read more.

Jeryl Brown, LCSW 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jeryl Brown, LCSW, has been a psychotherapist since receiving her MSW in 1978 from Yeshiva University, and has been a clinician at PHA since 1992. Read more.

Eleanor Fritz PhD, PMHNP, APRN, CS

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Eleanor Fritz PhD, PMHNP, APRN, CS, has over 25 years of clinical experience in treating patients along a developmental continuum in a variety of settings. Read more.

G. Grant Holtzberg, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

G. Grant Holtzberg, Ph.D. received his doctorate from Case Western Reserve University and is a Clinical Psychologist with 35 years of experience in the treatment of adults, couples, and adolescent populations. Read more.

Lori Korwin, Psy.D.


Lori Korwin, Psy.D., is a Psychologist who received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Hartford. Read more.

Robert Korwin, Ph.D.


Robert Korwin, Ph.D. is a Psychologist who received his PhD from the State University Of New York at Buffalo. Read more.

Rachelle Minkoff, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Rachelle Minkoff is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who treats adults of all ages, ethnicities, genders and sexualities. Read more.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Laurie Cohen Silverman, LCSW is a licensed independent social worker who received her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work.  Read more.

Gary Zachariah, Psy.D.


Gary Zachariah, Psy.D. received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Spalding University in 1998 and has been with Psychological Health Associates since 1999. Read more.