Group Psychotherapy

Our practice offers a full range of outpatient services, including individual psychotherapy, couples and family therapy, group psychotherapy, and medication management. PHA’s treatment philosophy is that each individual, couple, and family seeking help will receive the best services on an individualized basis, targeted to the specific goals of treatment. We pride ourselves on maintaining a family-practice orientation: we work with adults, children, parents, couples, and families.


Groups give you the opportunity to meet with others who face similar struggles. You have the freedom to grow and heal with support in a safe and comfortable environment. PHA offers a variety of short term and ongoing groups.

Moms: The free ABC group is a perinatal support group focused on providing support to pregnant Moms and Moms of new babies. Sharon Thomason, Ph.D., Laurie Silverman, LCSW, and others facilitate this weekly group, now via a Zoom link, obtained by registering for the group. Go here to register for the ABC: Adusting to Baby Challenges Support Circle (ABC) group.

Bereavement for Women: Widows face a unique and challenging journey. This group offers an opportunity to bond with others who have trod a similar path. In addition to looking at the past, we also support one another in facing the present and the future and fostering strengths in the face of loss. Please contact Karen Benjamin, LCSW here for more information and to register for this group.

Mid Life: "Women of a Certain Age" have historically been caregivers. This group encourages women to find their voices, set boundaries, gain self esteem, and explore new roles during what could be a very positive chapter in one's life. Common issues may be co-dependence, interpersonal relationships, managing emotions and family dynamics. Please contact Karen Benjamin, LCSW here for more information and to register for this group.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): This research-based training in mindfulness will help attendees learn tools to better manage anxiety, gain self-awareness, cultivate clarity in making meaningful changes to move forward in life. You will learn to respond to stress, rather than react to it. This is an educational program, offered in a variety of settings. It is not a therapeutic program and is not covered by insurance. Contact Jeryl Brown, LCSW for information about how you or your group can receive this training.

Parenting: From “Becoming a Parent” to “Negotiating Adolescence” parenting challenges can be tough on your own. Sharing struggles and strategies with other parents empowers and nurtures our confidence as we maneuver through the many challenges of various stages of development. Contact us regarding your interest in either a live or telehealth group.

Young Adults: Young Adults in their 20's to early 30's face unique challenges in separating/individuating from their families, dealing with social anxiety or social isolation, and forming their own identities. Group therapy is an excellent modality for getting social support while learning how members may re-create historic family roles within a safe social environment. Emphasis is on group dynamics. Please contact Karen Benjamin, LCSW here for more information and to register for this group.

Self-Esteem: Low self-esteem can sap away the joy in life. It contributes to many emotional concerns, interferes with productivity at work or school, drains our ability to face life’s challenges, and impact our social lives, often leaving us feeling unworthy of love. It prevents us from feeling confident and capable and makes us criticize ourselves harshly. This group helps to identify that cycle of self-criticism and offers support in developing new positive beliefs about ourselves. The group support allows members to move forward in their healing and develop healthy relationships and enhance their quality of life.