Our therapists work in a flexible and collaborative manner with each individual, couple, and family seeking help on a personalized basis to help target their specific goals of treatment. We always seek to develop more effective and efficient treatment strategies and have sought out specialized training in specific areas of expertise.

Substance Use Treatment

Substance Use Treatment. Our therapists are trained in approaches to help with your recovery. We help you to identify how to make changes in your life to deal with the physical and emotional challenges of decreasing or discontinuing the use of addictive substances. Our therapists help with the full range of addictions including alcohol, drugs, and vaping. Our flexible and collaborative approach ensures patients get precisely the best treatment at the right time, thus maximizing their chance of recovery. It is not uncommon for people struggling with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) to have underlying mental health issues. Our therapists work with you to create treatment plans that address both addiction and co-occurring disorders.