Family Therapy

Our practice offers a full range of outpatient services, including individual psychotherapy, couples and family therapy, group psychotherapy, and medication management. PHA’s treatment philosophy is that each individual, couple, and family seeking help will receive the best services on an individualized basis, targeted to the specific goals of treatment. We pride ourselves on maintaining a family-practice orientation: we work with adults, children, parents, couples, and families.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy: Conflict and discord in families can leave everyone feeling exhausted, frustrated, misunderstood and helpless. We can help. Our therapists work with you to address your family’s unique needs and goals creating a balance between healthy interaction and healthy boundaries.

Family Communication: When families are in pain, people often have difficulty listening to each other or understanding the meaning of what is being said. This leads to misunderstandings, frequent clashing, withdrawing from each other and a lot of hurt feelings. Our therapists can teach your family tools to help you to communicate in productive ways allowing everyone a chance to talk and feel heard.

Parenting Struggles: CWe all enter into parenting with a set of beliefs and values about how we wish to raise our children. Often time, parents can find that their personal styles clash in terms of behavioral values, discipline and consequences and their children struggle as a result. We can create a safe place to identify these differences and assist in creating a common path for childrearing.

Child Behavior Problems: Childhood is a very difficult and stressful time in one’s life. When children are struggling, they often will act out at both home and school. This strain can affect everyone in the family. We will help to identify areas of stress for your child, and work with different members of the family to alleviate the struggles and create solutions.

Major Life Events: Families often have a hard time responding to both planned and unexpected major life events such as new family members, moves, losses, divorce, job changes, and more. Things become stressful and chaotic in the home and everyone’s responses get amplified. We help families to create a safe and supportive environment to process changes and to develop the skills to restore harmony in the family making sure that everyone’s needs are met.

Blended Families: About one third of today’s American families are “blended,” which means that there are more relationships, schedules, commitments, and conflicts to negotiate. Our family therapists are experienced in helping your family sort out how to communicate, juggle, negotiate, and meet the many demands of busy family life.