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Individual Psychotherapy

One on one support to help you face life's challenges and find solutions. Our focus is to work with you to identify what works and what doesn't and to coach you to move forward in ways that work to improve your life.  Read more.   


Family Psychotherapy

Working with your unique family relationships to find individualized strategies to achieve your unique goals and find solutions for the roadblocks that have gotten in the way.  Read more.


Couples Counseling

Relationships aren't always easy and day-to-day living with those we love most always presents conflicts. Our therapists help with communication challenges, conflict resolution, blended family concerns, and developing closer and kinder way of relating.  Read more.


Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Children and Adolescents face unique challenges and have different strategies and abilities to cope with life stressors at each stage of their development. We tailor treatment to meet their particular needs to help with Depression, ADHD, Behavior Management, Substance Use, Social Anxiety, School Concerns and more.  Read more.



PHA offers a variety of short-term focused group treatments. This approach gives you the opportunity to meet with others who face similar struggles, and provide the freedom to grow, heal, and find support in a safe and comfortable environment.  Read more.


Workshops and Education

We work hard to bring collaborative energy into our work and help people find positivity in their lives. We offer a range of workshops and educational programs regarding specific skill sets and provide training for other professionals.  Read more.

Teletherapy during Covid-19

State of Connecticut Public health recommendations 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated public health recommendations, PHA is providing teletherapy services to existing and new clients in the state of Connecticut. Those wishing to meet in-person may do so at the discretion of their therapist when clinically indicated. PHA currently practices state suggested guidelines for safety.